Introducing Altostratus

Altostratus (powered by teamWeather, formerly Rainfall - Weather with Love) is a new way to enhance your standard Weather Apps on your device! This app is focused, written by someone who cares and loves to bring you the best weather information on Earth.

By your purchase your supporting my health and high functioning Autism. I started writing this App before being placed in emergency surgery with no local support system and never had to chance to publish it until today.

Interactive Radar

Dynamically loading radar maps that provide the latest NOAA WSR-88D NEXRAD Radar information for local reflectivity and storm total precipitation. 

Contour Maps

Coming soon - we plan to introduce contour mapping for basic data sets such as temperatures, dew points, wind speed, and humidity. Contour mapping datasets will be avaliable soon with some advanced contour maps being introduced for low cost In-App purchases.

Weather Cameras

Find what the weather really is like near you by tapping into the best networks of weather cameras across the area. Expand the weather cameras quickly on screen.

APRS Integration

Coming soon - we plan to integrate more advanced weather data sources by using weather stations submitting data to the Amateur Radio APRS network. 

Weather for Disney Parks

You will always be ready during the day for the next unexpected storm. Get ready for planning out your day. Is heavy rain coming? Duck into one of your favorite rides or restaurants to stay dry before everyone else does.

Is it going to be sunny soon again? Our wonderful App will help you find that out fast. Do you need to reschedule that last minute skip in line pass? Our App is golden and will help you make those plans as fast as you snap your fingers.

This App was written with love by someone with Autism who is golden themselves. Hint - there is very heavy sarcasm in to that one and only a few will understand. I am also the guy that carries the signature Frozen "Anna" character picture bag around the park - and again very few will know what that means. Okay sarcasm over back to the App description!